Tips in Cleaning Out Your Garage


The first step to attaining the tidy garage you have always wanted is to clean it out. To do this effectively, it is best to schedule a full day or two for this purpose alone. It also helps if you encourage your spouse and kids to pitch in. You might also invite a couple of your relatives, friends, or neighbors to get the job done faster.

1. Don’t Leave Anything Out

It’s important to go through all items in your garage. According to Garage Door Repair You might have forgotten about several boxes you brought along when you first moved into your home. Unpack them and you might discover some family heirlooms and other prized items that are still useful. Or you might discover things that could be discarded or donated that are just taking up space.

2. Lay out All Found Items

This makes it easier for you to sort them out. Set aside a specific spot to lay out all items by marking off a certain area in your driveway, or laying down a huge tarp on your lawn.

3. Toss out the Certified Junk

An easy tip to remember: According to Garage Door Repair If you cannot remember having used an item in a minimum of two years, it is likely that you will never use it anymore. Things that belong in this category include household chemicals that are past their expiration dates and broken furniture and appliances that are beyond repair.

4. Donate or Sell Items That Still Have Value

These include old toys that your kids have outgrown, as well as appliances and furniture that you no longer use but are still in good working condition.

5. Find Other Homes for Useful Items

It would be better to store certain items out of the garage. For example, paint is easily ruined by the extreme temperatures inside your garage; it will be better off stored in a place that is more temperate.

According to Garage Door Repair . A small spark can be a source of fire in the garage if your propane tank is also stored in there; hence, you should move the tank outdoors.

Find another place for your paper goods as these attract cockroaches and other bugs into your garage.

It also helps to refrain from storing pet food inside the garage; opossums and other critters will be drawn to its smell.

6. Opt to Rent or Borrow Specialty Tools

According to Garage Door Repair . You can skip buying the tools you need for your home repair projects, and therefore save a huge amount of space in your garage, by choosing to rent or borrow them instead. These tools include larger garden tools, paint sprayers, and hobby equipment.

7. Schedule a Garage Sale

A garage sale is a great way of getting rid of your castoffs. If the time and effort needed to have a garage sale is something you do not have at the moment, you can sell them online via Craigslist or online garage sales, or you can always give these items to charitable organizations instead.